Tune into 'People-ing with Purpose' for 'Your Culture is Your Fault!'

PRemployer on February 27, 2024


Every company has a work culture, regardless of whether they work to cultivate a positive one. But culture is one of the deciding points for candidates and employees, and how they feel about a company’s culture usually determines if they feel it’s worth staying with or working for you.

On this week's episode of 'People-ing with Purpose,' we invite Meghan Schneider, an expert on company culture and the Program Director for HCA Healthcare’s Physician Leadership Academy. She shares with us her insights into shaping a work culture that earns talented candidates and gets them to stick around.

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What We Discuss in 'Your Culture is Your Fault!'

Meghan Schneider shares more about how companies can gauge the current state of their culture and what it says to employees. Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode:

  • How to define culture and what specific nuances it has regarding different industries and leadership styles
  • What leaders should avoid when making changes to their work culture and how it won’t change overnight
  • Why culture is critical! And how it goes hand in hand with improved workplace engagement
  • The impact that psychological safety has on your efforts to change culture and what companies can do to build trust
  • How learning to have tough conversations is critical to your organization’s growth because people want feedback, but many are afraid to give it
  • The metrics that indicate whether your culture is growing in the direction you want it to and how listening to your staff is critical
  • What to do when you have employees who “drain” your workplace culture


Culture is increasingly understood to be a critical foundation to your company, and this conversation sheds light on how organizations can take control of theirs.

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