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How to Create A Culture That Reduces Sexual Harassment

Author: PRemployer September 22, 2021

Sexual harassment has been in the news a lot lately. While many people see sexual harassment as something that makes headlines, it's often...

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Tips for Training Rockstar Supervisors

Author: PRemployer September 15, 2021

Supervisors are the key to having a well-oiled team perform efficiently and effectively. Knowing what traits to look for when hiring a new ...

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Creating A Safe Work Environment

Author: PRemployer September 8, 2021

Safety is vital. You have an obligation to protect your employees, and doing so is also good business. Safety-minded companies support...

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The Terrifying Cost of Payroll Errors

Author: PRemployer September 1, 2021

Payroll is incredibly serious. Not only do your employees rely on you paying them accurately and on time, if you mess up or make mistakes, you...

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Understanding the Price of Labor

Author: PRemployer August 24, 2021

Many new businesses struggle to understand the true cost of labor. Hiring is a challenge, and if you aren't savvy about what your employees cost...

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