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PRemployer on February 27, 2024


Few issues are on every business owner's, manager's, or recruiter's minds as much as staffing. In recent years, the workforce has gone through major evaluations of priorities, values, and job satisfaction. Companies have increasingly struggled to bring people on board or even receive applications to open positions. Job markets look very different than they did five years ago – in no small part due to the major changes that have occurred within that time!

In this episode of 'People-ing with Purpose' – 'Where Did All the People Go?' – hosts Katie Saliba and Mary Beth Meadows take a deep dive into the current state of the workforce and why it really is as difficult as ever to get top talent to join your organization.

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What We Discuss in 'Where Did All the People Go?'

Bringing talented people into your workforce is essential for growing a great company. To help companies learn how to acquire the talent you need – and keep them long-term, Mary Beth and Katie dive deep into these subjects:

  • What the statistics say about how many people are in the workforce, and what the labor participation rate indicates about the number of available workers compared to open positions
  • Whether the pandemic created this issue or sped up an existing trend
  • How many people recently left the workforce or retired, limiting the levels of experience in the workforce
  • The value of flexibility and how the availability of independent job prospects has drawn workers away from corporate organizations
  • What the increase in remote work options has done to shift the competitiveness of local economies
  • People care much more nowadays about what they do and set harder boundaries about keeping their work within a limited framework
  • Being creative about providing workplace flexibility is critical to providing a conducive work environment for your talented people
  • Why companies should always be recruiting and ideas on what you can do to attract top talent regardless of whether you have a position open


By covering these topics, 'Where Did All the People Go?' helps companies realize that they’re not alone and show them what they can do to transform their company into a place everyone wants to work for.

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