Tune into 'People-ing with Purpose' for 'What in the Health is Going On??'

PRemployer on February 27, 2024


Supporting staff is essential for businesses to maintain a happy employee-base – and providing quality healthcare coverage leaves a big impression on staff. It’s a chance for businesses to demonstrate the difference between providing the bare minimum because you have to and going the extra mile because you care about your people. On this week’s episode of 'People-ing with Purpose,' we invite Matthew Cate from Cobbs Allen, one of the top 35 largest Risk Management firms in the US, to help us understand just 'What in the Health is Going On??'

Healthcare coverage is increasingly complicated – and costly – making it challenging for businesses to access the level of coverage they want to provide their people at a cost that works with their budget.

During our conversation, listeners will learn more about the world of healthcare insurance and what they can do to give their people the employee benefits they deserve!

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What We Discuss in 'What in the Health is Going On??'

From his role in the insurance sphere, Matthew Cate has a unique view of healthcare's importance and how companies can reasonably get great coverage.

Here's a glimpse into the topics covered in this episode:

  • How healthcare benefits improve morale – which increases employee retention and productivity
  • The benefits employees value most that will make the biggest impact on your workforce
  • What prominent factors affect healthcare rates and increase costs
  • How PEOs help companies afford flexibility in meeting employee needs, navigating healthcare’s complexity, and providing quality coverage with less stress about timelines and regulations
  • The importance of flexibility in options to let employees choose what they need for themselves
  • Which other benefits matter to employees and how companies can include them in their offerings
  • How to make employees feel heard – and how providing great healthcare coverage can emphasize how companies support their staff


This discussion helps companies understand the need for and means to acquire excellent healthcare coverage – at low stress and low cost!

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