How to Elevate Your HR Infrastructure in 3 Easy Steps

PRemployer on March 8, 2019

How to Elevate Your HR Infrastructure in 3 Easy Steps

Having a strong HR infrastructure is one of the keys to having a strong organization. From complying with the law to performance management, the infrastructure is the centralized piece that holds everything together. You can improve your HR infrastructure in 3 easy steps and keep everyone - from management to employees - on the same page.

What is HR Infrastructure?

Think of the HR infrastructure as the foundation and “skeleton” of your business. You can’t see it, but it provides the support you need to keep your business organized and in shape. This typically includes employee and company handbooks, policies, I-9 processes, regulation compliance, and other elements that lower risk and boost productivity. A strong infrastructure helps you to plan ahead and be proactive about decisions as you recruit and manage your employees.

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3 Steps to Strengthening Your HR Infrastructure

hr infrastructureA solid infrastructure is needed to keep employees aligned on your company mission, vision and goals. It ensures they can meet certain standards and adhere to set policies as an employee in your company. If your HR infrastructure needs some work, follow the three steps below to improve it.


1. Attain HR Expertise

Your human resources team needs expertise in a number of areas to successfully manage the company and its employees. However, managing HR in-house is difficult for many businesses, especially when managing employee needs, maintaining regulatory compliance and staying updated with labor laws and employment trends.

By partnering with a PEO, businesses gain access to a team of qualified HR professionals with advanced degrees and certifications who can provide strategic and tactical HR and administrative support. With this level of expertise, you can set the stage for a strong HR infrastructure.

2. Implement HR Policies and Procedures

Having policies and procedures in place protects the company and its employees. By doing this, you’re providing guidelines for your employees that help ensure they follow proven processes, take necessary safety measures, and adhere to certain ethical quality standards.

Policies and procedures should be documented through:

  • Employee and job manuals

  • Training and safety manuals

  • Ethics and values statements

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Termination processes

Skipping this step can cost your business time and money in the form of expensive errors, employee injuries or lawsuits and litigation.

3. Develop Training Programs

employee training programsTraining programs not only impart knowledge to your employees, it also keeps them engaged while ensuring they acquire the skills needed to drive business success. Employees appreciate when they feel their employer is investing in them. Company training programs can include topics on customer service, team building, sexual harassment awareness, workplace diversity, computer safety and more.

How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can help strengthen your HR infrastructure, working with your HR team to develop human resources policies and practices that allow them to recruit, develop and retain the best employees. Companies like PRemployer offers guidance and consultation on regulatory compliance, employee relations, conflict resolution, discipline, performance management, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. In many cases, they also provide conduct management and supervisory training for management teams to ensure the decision makers are aware of the legal requirements of the workplace and have the tools they need to improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Are you ready to improve your HR infrastructure? Getting your organization in order starts with these 3 steps to help build a strong foundation for your organization and employees. Ensuring the team has what they need to keep things in order is a priority. Your employees will thrive, and the company will be protected in all areas, every step of the way.

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