Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy with PEOs

PRemployer on January 30, 2024

PEO Recruitment Strategy

A robust recruitment strategy is the backbone of your company's operations. By streamlining your talent selection and making the right first impression, you can build a team that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

The recruitment process consists of many complex stages. Each one of them plays a significant role in bringing the right people on board and ensuring their retention. Taking your recruitment strategy apart to find what can be improved takes up substantial resources. Many companies lose an opportunity to attract top talent simply because they don't have time to revamp their recruitment procedure. That's where a professional employer organization (PEO) can help.

Let's find out how partnering with a PEO can help you improve recruitment strategies.

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How PEOs Improve Recruitment Strategies

A professional employer organization is a strong HR partner who can assist in many aspects of employee management.

Since your relationship with the employee begins at the early stages of full-cycle recruitment, you need to make sure you are making the right impression while evaluating suitability. A PEO can help you do this in several ways.

Free Up Time for Your Team

In addition to providing valuable guidance for streamlining your recruitment strategy, a PEO can give you the time to do it. The growing complexity of HR procedures often leaves your HR team struggling to find time for robust recruitment. They handle compliance, payroll, benefits, training, and other elements. As a result, while your HR experts focus on existing employees, candidates don't get sufficient attention.

A PEO can free up your team's time by taking over most administrative tasks. It can handle payroll processing, benefits administration, workers' compensation, performance management, and more. By taking this burden off your HR experts, PEO allows them to focus on streamlining the recruitment strategy. You will gain time to identify top candidates, interview them thoroughly, and make better recruitment decisions.

For example, payroll processing can take at least five hours each month for small businesses. After partnering with a PEO and outsourcing this task, those hours can go toward other crucial tasks, like improving your recruitment tactics or focusing on staff.

Establish Set Recruitment Processes

Many elements of the recruitment process are manual. From checking CVs to creating job listings, HR teams spend significant time on each candidate. Many of these processes can be standardized and automated. With the right approach and a set of HR tools, your team can save time and money while improving the results.

A PEO can leverage its experience to help you establish a standardized recruitment process. They will help free up the time for your team and make hiring new talent easier and faster. For example, technological solutions that PEOs share can help make onboarding smoother. In addition, they can work with each employee to help them fill out documents, go through training, and start contributing to the company's bottom line faster.

PEOs also have access to large professional networks. Since around 80% of new hires come from networking efforts, this collaboration can substantially speed up the process.  

Ensure Compliance Throughout Recruitment

According to a recent survey, 70% of HR specialists say they spend more than 25% of their average workweek dealing with compliance. That's around 40 hours a month. Meanwhile, each error could lead to severe consequences.

A professional employer organization can help you navigate such elements of recruitment compliance as:

  • Job listing details and formats (especially the latest pay transparency laws)
  • Reporting of explicit worker information to relevant parties
  • Questions you can ask during an interview

A PEO can gather high-quality data and review all compliance elements to give your team the necessary information to conduct effective salary negotiations. When your HR experts don't need to worry about compliance, they have more opportunities to study the candidate closely and make smart recruitment decisions.

Improve Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the foundation of employee engagement and retention. The impression you make when recruiting new employees is an investment in a productive relationship that can last many years.

A PEO can help you enhance the employee experience by:

  • Improving the structure of job descriptions
  • Making it easier for candidates to apply
  • Streamlining the onboarding process
  • Arranging training
  • Enhancing communications
  • Helping structure effective interviews
  • Assisting your team with providing feedback

The PEO team can help you improve the transparency of the recruitment process, which can go a long way toward building trust and securing the loyalty of top talent.

A Large Step Toward Recruitment Improvement

If you are worried that your recruitment strategies aren't yielding the desired results, you may need to rethink the entire process structure. A PEO can help you do this by taking over administrative tasks, providing valuable advice, and improving candidate experience.

Working with a PEO means gaining new team members with significant expertise in recruitment tactics. By leveraging their experience, you can create a top-notch recruitment process that saves the company time and money while improving employee productivity and satisfaction.

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