5 Ways HR Technology Provides Better Employee Experiences

PRemployer on March 14, 2023

These days, companies are in heavy competition for the best talent. Providing a great employee experience improves morale, reduces turnover, and attracts the needed talent to grow your company. 

There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to have state-of-the-art human resources technology that provides a seamless experience to your employees. 

How HR Technology Improves Employees' Experiences 

Here are some ways HR technology provides your employees with a better experience: 

Streamlines Administrative Tasks 

Nobody likes doing purely administrative paperwork. It often leaves us feeling as if we have wasted time. For employees, making requests to HR can often feel like that, then HR must respond, which takes time. 

HR software can help automate benefits selection, time off requests, and training. It saves HR's time and provides employees with faster responses. That allows them to plan their lives better, especially if requesting time off. 

Enables Control with Self-Serve Options 

HR technology can give employees direct access to their information, meaning they are always aware of what information the company has on them. They can, for example, check their retirement account or whether health insurance covers common procedures without bothering anyone in HR. 

It helps people have more of a sense of agency and control, which reduces stress and lets them feel more valued and supported. It also saves time for HR. Self-serve options cannot replace your team, but they can help you deal with routine stuff using fewer resources and in a better way for your employees. 

Facilitates Quicker Communication 

When employees have to communicate with HR, they have more pathways to submit their requests or ask for information. It can help ensure messages get through and show employees that the message has been received, unlike email, which can leave people wondering when and if they should send a follow-up. 

It also facilitates internal communication between your HR team and when they have to send something up the chain to management. Combined with the ability to handle routine matters themselves, it allows employees to receive faster responses to all their questions and requests. They can then move on without fretting about a request, improving morale and productivity and granting a positive work experience to everyone. 

Allows Employees to Personalize Interfaces 

Modern HR software allows all employees, not just HR personnel, to set up the dashboard and interface in a way that suits them. They can set it up to present things relevant to them in the proper priority or move stuff in ways that work with their particular brain wiring. Personalized interfaces can be particularly important for people with sensory disabilities such as colorblindness. 

The interface accommodates user disabilities by adjusting settings to make it more usable for those with visual impairment or using adaptive input devices. It makes it easier to support disabled employees properly. 

It also gives employees a sense of control. Even purely aesthetic changes, such as dark or light mode, accommodate those with different preferences for how they want to present their information. It might seem small, but it helps employees feel appreciated and supported. 

Supports Distant or Remote Teams 

Remote work accessibility is a popular perk that many companies use to attract the best talent. Your company may also be expanding to have offices in multiple locations. 

HR software almost completely eliminates the need to physically move documents around, making supporting remote and distant teams easier. It can be accessed from any device, including the person's PC or phone, even if they use a different system from the one in the office. The software also gives communications access through multiple pathways, which can be extremely important if you have workers in another timezone for whom asymmetric communication is essential. 

The software is also helpful for teams close to each other, but it can give particular value to those, not in the same physical location. 

Partner with a PEO to Gain HR Software Access 

Unfortunately, state-of-the-art HR software is an expensive investment, especially for smaller companies. Many businesses are still muddling along without it because the cost is prohibitive or because they are intimidated by the need to train their staff. 

The answer is to partner with a PEO. A PEO can give you access to their enterprise-grade HR software, which they have the expertise to implement effectively. They can provide the training your employees need to get the most out of the system while handling crucial but mundane tasks like payroll and benefits administration. 

Partnering with a PEO also gives you access to improved benefits, compliance, and their wealth of experience.

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