Revolutionizing Recruitment: The Role of PEOs in Modern HR

PRemployer on January 22, 2024

Using PEO for recruitment

Over the past years, the recruitment process has been undergoing fundamental changes. Many HR teams struggle to stay on top of the new demands, which affects the recruitment quality and risks employee dissatisfaction and burnout.

Companies need more than financial resources and knowledge to revolutionize their recruitment process. By partnering with a PEO, companies gain access to experienced HR professionals who can help companies stay on top of their game without overwhelming their HR team.

Here, we'll dive into how companies can improve recruitment efforts by collaborating with a reliable PEO.  

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How PEOs Modernize Recruitment Strategy

A professional employer organization is a team of HR experts who stay tuned to the latest industry trends and monitor emerging technologies to help your business streamline its HR tactics. Besides providing actionable insights and advice, these partners take over administrative tasks, share responsibilities with your internal team, provide access to better benefits, and much more.

Here are some of the ways PEOs can help companies improve efforts in recruiting new employees:

Provide Better Candidate Experiences

Poor candidate experience limits your organization's access to the talent pool in the future. Surveys show that 27% of candidates who encounter a negative experience with a company actively discourage others from applying.

Today, candidates expect a smooth recruitment process that makes them feel confident about the steps necessary to join the company. Each phase makes an impression that doesn't just simplify the potential employee's choice but also contributes to the atmosphere in the workplace.

A PEO can improve the candidates' experience by developing a comprehensive process that standardizes recruitment. That will make bringing top talent on board easier and substantially speed up the procedure of getting them up to speed and productive in their roles.

Access Recruitment Tech Solutions

Studies demonstrate that 56% of candidates face technical issues during recruitment, which reduces the quality of the candidate experience and hinders the company's access to top talent.

Many companies don't have the financial resources to invest in high-quality tech that can enhance recruitment activities.

Companies can access top-notch recruitment tech solutions by partnering with a PEO. For example, you can reach candidates online and track them in a centralized system or leverage PEO software to create and post comprehensive job listings and automate communication reminders.

PEOs constantly monitor recruitment technologies and can often adopt emerging tools earlier than companies could afford to otherwise. They will be able to provide their clients access to up-to-date technology to ensure the smoothest processes.

Complete Onboarding Efficiently

The quality of onboarding has a direct impact on employee retention rates. Studies show that a strong onboarding process can improve retention by 82%. Meanwhile, many employees are unhappy with the onboarding quality and state it as one of the reasons for leaving within the first few weeks of being hired. Onboarding sets employees' impression of their employers, so smoothly conducting the process showcases preparedness and demonstrates that the company is excited about their workers starting.

A PEO can improve onboarding efficiency by centralizing such onboarding tasks as documentation, training, and benefits enrollment. This outsourcing partner gathers employee data and enters it into the payroll system to ensure timely and error-free payments. They also handle administrative tasks such as issuing credentials for time-tracking software, internal knowledge bases, e-learning materials, and more.

Guide Teams Through Tricky Processes

The complexity of the full-cycle recruitment process often causes errors and powers bad decisions. The lack of experience, time, and resources can lead to multiple inefficiencies and a low retention rate.

A professional employer organization can become a vital resource that the HR team turns to when trying to develop better recruitment, onboarding, and compliance solutions. Their partnership offers the expertise of numerous HR specialists who can often handle the most arduous tasks and provide advice about complex elements (e.g., salary negotiations, cultural fit, etc.).

Even when your team struggles with hiring decisions, a PEO can assist by sharing high-quality data and empowering companies as they learn and adapt to the necessities that stem from increasing in size or changing needs.

Give Time Back to Your HR Team

The growing complexity of the recruitment process demands time-related resources from your HR experts. They often feel overwhelmed juggling payroll processing and benefits administration with talent search and onboarding improvement.

A PEO can take over the snowballing administrative tasks and give your team sufficient time to focus on gathering information and making data-backed decisions. Your employees can spend more time with candidates, determine their fit, and make your organization more appealing to the top talent.

A reliable PEO can handle a variety of HR activities, from benefit enrollment to job listings, letting companies outsource as much as they want while still being in charge of decision-making.  

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process to Meet the New Demands

The pressure to optimize the recruitment process is growing quickly. Many organizations seek professional assistance to meet the rising demands of top talent.

Outsourcing numerous HR tasks to a PEO can improve the recruitment process, attract the best candidates, and boost productivity – and help you achieve your recruitment goals and increase retention rates.

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