Do Your HR Tasks Detract from Generating Revenue?

PRemployer on August 7, 2019


As an integral part of any business, human resources ensures your employees, and company as a whole, receive the dedicated support needed to thrive in your industry. Unfortunately, for many small and midsize businesses, a dedicated HR department is out of reach, making it necessary for other staff members to pick up routine tasks like HR administration and payroll.

With this arrangement, staff cannot dedicate enough time to both their main responsibilities and HR tasks, hindering revenue-generating activities as a result. Thankfully, by outsourcing your HR and payroll, you can overcome this problem and better drive business productivity and growth.

Challenges of Handling HR and Payroll In-house

When you have a small team, managing all the HR and payroll needs of your company can prove challenging. To fully support your employees and company, the staff handling your HR must have enough time to complete all necessary tasks, including:

  • Hiring
  • Employee compensation and benefits
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee training
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Employee retention

These are critical functions within your business, and there is really no room for compromise here. The truth is, however, with a small staff, there’s really not enough time in the day to ensure all tasks receive the right level of attention.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR and Payroll

To resolve this problem, you can elect to outsource your HR and payroll operations to a dedicated PEO, like PRemployer. With this choice, you can have a full team of dedicated HR professionals handle every aspect of your HR and payroll, relieving your team of these tasks. Your staff members can then direct their attention to other activities that help promote the growth of your company.

By outsourcing your HR and payroll activities, excellent benefits await, such as:

  • Boost to HR efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Help with risk management
  • Staff productivity improvements
  • Access to comprehensive benefits packages
  • Accurate and timely payroll processing
  • Cost savings

When you choose to outsource, you do not give up control of your business practices and operations. Your HR partner simply picks up the tasks that were too demanding of your staff’s time and resources. Through the co-employment relationship with your trusted PEO, you remain in control of how your company is operated while enjoying all the benefits of outsourcing your HR and payroll.

Role of PRemployer in Resolving Your Key HR and Payroll Challenges

At PRemployer, we make it our mission to help small to midsize companies delegate all their HR and payroll tasks to dedicated partners. And by saving on the time spent on HR activities, the productivity of your workforce will improve alongside your HR and payroll efficiency.

Upon building a partnership with our PEO, you gain access to a suite of services, and each one can be customized to meet your employees’ and company’s needs. These services include:

  • Human resources administration
  • Time and attendance solutions
  • Payroll processing and tax administration
  • Workers compensation and risk management support
  • Employee benefits
  • Recruiting

As a PEO partner, you will receive help creating the policies and practices that will ensure your company operates the way you want. We can then handle all your desired HR and payroll tasks to free up your team’s time spent on HR activities.

Find Your Outsourced HR and Payroll Solutions

If you would like to get started with outsourcing your HR and payroll, learn more about PRemployer. With our help, you can receive the support you need to manage HR efficiently and allow your staff to focus their time and attention on driving business growth.

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